Who are we?


Karmen and Marius brand was born in 2013 from a mix of a Mediterranean and Indonesian culture. The brand name is referring to the “Karma” and a typical surname from the South of France. Originally from l’île des Dieux, Karmen and Marius offers an original and authentic second wind of Chic and Bohemian style.

The “Urban Hippy” touch of the brand invited us to travel by combining French touch and Indian inspirations. Specialized in production of unique and handmade products, Karmen and Marius successfully combine the retro- vintage aspects with also a modern touch by using timeless noble’s material for years: jeans, jute, canvas, leather and linen.

Jute bag adorned with a simple “Peace, Love & Mojitos” have promptly begun the flagship model of the brand. Beach baskets quickly complete the collection as well as costume jewellery made in limited series and textile products designed with high-quality materials. The brand is also developing an exclusive handmade line of leather bicolor bags.